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My Daily Bread - Verse Devotional

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Luke 9:25 "What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, and yet lose or forfeit his very self?"

This verse always packs a punch every time I hear it. It seems like most people take this very to be very superficial, but it's actually quite deep. Yeah, all of us claim to be Christians, followers of God, but who is actually striving to follow God in their everyday lives?

I'm sure if you take a closer look at your life, at your character, you'll see a lot of flaws. You can probably think of ten times off the top of your head when you did something you knew you weren't supposed to do but did anyway. You can probably think of times when instead of keeping the Sabbath day holy you went and did your own thing because it seemed like more fun. Is claiming to be a Christian enough?

We all live in a sinful world. We wake up every morning and hear about another shooting, more unlawful arrests, or more ridiculous comments the president has made. It seems like there is no break, no end in sight to all the madness around us.

Yet, we are told to not get caught up in the world because this place ultimately is NOT OUR HOME. It's a temporary living space until all the saints have been gathered and we can be relocated to heaven and then to the New Jerusalem.

We CANNOT get caught up in everything that happens on this earth.


That's not to say we shouldn't get a job, have a career, plan a family, participate in elections, travel the world, etc., but our FOCUS should be on Christ and Christ alone. The world cannot save us, only Christ can.

Too many of us are so focused on what we want to accomplish in life that we forget that we have a much bigger and important goal to achieve.


That's the most important goal of life. Everything we do should push us closer to that goal.

So here is my challenge for you, TODAY and EVERY DAY moving forward:


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