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El Día del Amor - How Valentine's Day has changed in 2021

Updated: Jan 26

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2020 was a challenging year for all of us; between the pandemic, the social, and racial unrest, and the presidential election, finding or cultivating love has probably not been at the forefront of most people's minds.

Now that 2021 has rolled around, people are a bit more hopeful for what this year will bring and are taking the time to connect with those they love in unconventional ways.

The use of Zoom and other virtual meeting platforms has skyrocketed since the beginning of 2020 with the implementation of nationwide lockdowns and 14-day quarantines. Streaming platforms such as Hulu have created a watch party option that allows multiple people to watch the same movie at one time and interact with each other through the chat.

Amazing, right?

Well... How have couples done during this time?

When lockdowns were in place some couples were forced to remain separate for months at a time and communicate only through FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, or other virtual video chatting platforms. It became harder for people to maintain their spark. Other couples were fortunate to be able to be in lockdown together through the whole thing.

While researching this post I came across hundreds of ideas that were recommended to stay connected during these hard times. I wanted to make my own list of Valentine's Day ideas or just date night ideas to keep the love alive in 2021.

For couples who live together

  1. Cook a romantic dinner - this can be done together, or one person can surprise the other with this romantic gesture. Light candles, dim the lights, put on some soft music, and pretend like you're meeting for the first time. Dress up and make it feel real.

  2. Purchase a date night box/book - I've recently seen these products pop up everywhere. These boxes/books are supposed to help couples who have run out of date night ideas or just don't always have the time for an elaborate date. The boxes will typically contain everything you need for a specific date idea, whereas the books will just give you ideas on what you could do for a date night. This takes the pressure off of you and allows you to have fun with each other.

  3. Have a romantic movie marathon - I know everyone suggests this, but it's only because everyone seems to enjoy it. You can make the environment more comfortable with tons of pillows, fuzzy blankets, your favorite beverage, and some movie snacks. This activity can be done inside your TV or if you're a bit more old school you can set up a drive-in movie experience on the grass outside your home or in the trunk of your pickup truck. The feeling of connectedness boosts your happiness levels as well as levels of dopamine and oxytocin.

  4. Write love letters to each other - you can do this in several ways. You can write one letter every day in February until the 14th or you can start from the day this post goes live. Either way, on Valentine's Day you will present your significant other with the bundle of love letters you have written. These letters can be saved and referred back to when one of you is having a bad day so this idea is great for the whole year, not just Valentine's Day.

  5. Do something special for your significant other - this can range from giving your girlfriend/wife an in-home spa day in which you soak and rub her feet, wash her hair, do her nails, and massage her back, to making your man's favorite meal. Acts of service, especially if that is one of your or your significant other's love languages, can really show the other person that you appreciate them, care about them, and value their peace of mind.

  6. Share your favorite memories with each other - you can write these down and read them out to each other. Hopefully, the memories will make you smile, laugh, and maybe even cry tears of joy. To make it more romantic if you saved mementos from any of your many adventures, then you can give them to each other as a reminder of all the good times you've had in your relationship.

For couples that live apart

  1. Have a virtual meal together - you can send each other meals using DoorDash and probably any other food delivery company out there. This lets your significant other know that you were thinking about them and it allows them to enjoy their favorite meal without going through the process of making it. You can enjoy this meal together over FaceTime or any other video chatting platform.

  2. Make each other videos - you can format these videos anyway you want. You can make a video of your favorite memories, of you singing a song, doing a dance, reading a poem, etc. The world is your oyster with this idea.

  3. Have a virtual group date - if you have any close friends that are in relationships this can be a really good opportunity to get to know each other better and have a good time. You can watch a movie together, play virtual games together, or just talk and share your funniest stories with each other.

  4. Play virtual games - you could play Heads up, Guess the song or Guess the Movie, 21 questions, or any games that make you both laugh and allow you to learn a little more about each other.

These are just some basic ideas so take any one of them and make them your own. If you end up using any of these ideas, then comment which one and how it went!

I wish you all a romantic and dreamy Valentine's Day with the one you love <3

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