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11 Powerful Ways to Tell Your Partner You Love Them Without Saying It

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and while the pandemic has put a damper on many things this year... it doesn't have to put a damper on your love. There's been a challenge going around: "Tell me You're _____ without Telling Me You're _____." I thought I'd put a spin on the trend and come up with one for Valentine's Day.

1. "I appreciate you for who you are and everything you do"

  • Everyone loves to be appreciated, not only for what they do, but just for who they are. This phrase shows your significant other that you pay attention to how they treat you and you value their actions and words.

2. "I could not imagine my life without you"

  • This phrase might be cliche, but if it's true... it's a powerful way to indirectly tell your partner you love them and value their presence in your life. It lets your partner know that their presence adds meaning to your life and has impacted it in some way. It also lets your partner know that you see this relationship going the distance and you have included them in your future plans.

3. "You mean more to you than you know"

  • This is pretty straightforward, but it shows the depth of your feelings for your partner. It tells them that while you say I love you and do things to show that you care, they can't fathom the true intensity of your feelings for them.

4. "There is no one else I'd rather be with"

  • Although this one is another cliche, it tells your partner that they are the One for you. It lets them know that you see your relationship with them progressing to the next level.

5. "Every time I see you, my heart beats faster"

  • This is a great way to tell your partner that seeing them makes your day better. It lets them know that you're attracted to their appearance as well as who they are. It reassures them that you haven't gotten tired of seeing them or being around them.

6. "My time is best spent with you"

  • Your significant other will love to hear that you enjoy spending time with them. It lets them know that you value your time with them. If their top love language is quality time or words of affirmation, this phrase ticks off both.

7. "I could never get tired of looking at you."

  • For guys and girls alike, this is a cute thing to say. You acknowledge that you find them attractive and that you spend a lot of time looking at them. It lets your partner know the passion you had for them in the beginning of the relationship has not faded away.

8. "Being with you feels right."

  • This tells your partner that you feel comfortable in your relationship. You realize that this person is the One for you. It lets them know that you have found someone you could spend the rest of your life with and that you aren't looking for anything/anyone else that what you have at the moment.

9. "You are the One for me."

  • This is a more direct way to tell your significant other that you see yourself spending the rest of your life with them. It lets them know that you've got your eyes on them, and them only.

10. "You're the jelly to my peanut butter."

  • These phrases are so cliche and corny, but when not used frequently these phrases can really pack a punch. It's a silly way to tell your partner that you guys belong together.

11. "The way I feel about you is unlike anything I've ever felt before"

  • This lets your partner know that they are special and the way you feel about them is special as well. It makes them feel secure in their relationship with you.

I hope you guys liked my take on the trend and if you did, please share this on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more! I'd love for others to have this information. Let me know any other phrases in the comments below!

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